The Hive Cooperative – an idea for Denver Coworking

Andrew Luter, a Denver based technology misfit, has laid out an all inclusive coworking ideal – the hive – not just a modern internet-cafe, not just a share office space, but a professional working environment embody in a sweet narrative and well laid out wiki. Should you be in Denver or if you are looking to start a coworking space, Andrew’s has a good pulse on creating the contextual elements.

This article is cross-posted on, and mad-props to s.s. trudeau for the link.

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    From the “same tracks” department… I laughed right out loud after I saw the location. I needed something like this when I was bootstrapping MyTrafficNews. I looked at a bunch of spots, and that spot was awesome, in no small part because it was kitty-corner from My Brother’s Bar, which was on a first-name basis with MyTrafficNews.

    I said to the guy who showed us the space that he should do some kind of co-op/incubator/exec. office in that space, and he looked at me like I had three heads. I considered trying to do it myself, but was just a bit too busy at the time.

    Way to go, Andrew! Your idea is brilliant! Only a genius would think of something like that for that spot!!!

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