NY Post Article: Creating a Wireless Hub

photo from NY Post article“It’s impossible to go through life with blinders on in New York City,” says Economopoulos. “You have to figure out how to live with millions of other people. That’s what coworking is about.”

when elliot winard transplanted himself to nyc, not only did he find a new city, but a new community of like minded folk. if you’ve been wondering what’s it like to cowork, read this great article by Kiera Butler in the New York Post.



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    Thanks for posting the article! It really reflects what co-working is all about. I’ve been reading this blog for some time now but haven’t posted anything till now 🙂 I’m starting up an events management company and currently share an office space in Vancouver, BC. The co-working space I work in is very similar to what everyone on this blog is talking about. It’s called The Network Hub and we have such a variety of people working together, that it makes work a really fun place to be. I would definitely recommend co-working over an individual office any day.

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