Constant Networking at The Network Hub


I have just attended another one of The Network Hub’s monthly meet-ups. The meet-up is all about just that – meeting other business minded people, exchanging business cards and having a lot of fun. The event was a success. Over 60 people showed up, and I got to meet very different professionals from all walks of life. This was the second meet-up that I have attended and I think my favorite part of the whole process is telling people about co-working. It’s amazing to see people come into the space and ask about what goes on here. Plus I love the look on the face of someone who hasn’t heard about co-working but thinks it’s a great idea and asks how they can get involved. I myself am new to co-working. When I first heard about it I was just like the people I talk to – definitely intrigued but not quite grasping the concept. When I joined The Network Hub team I didn’t think I was also joining a huge international community of co-workers. I started doing research to try and find out if there were other people interested in this idea. That’s when I came upon blogs, forums, groups and wikis dedicated to everything about co-working. With so much exposure over the Internet I couldn’t believe I wasn’t familiar with this trend earlier. Now I’m very excited to be part of this innovative community!

As for The Network Hub it feels like it’s growing every day. There are very different people and companies working side by side. It feels like we have a smaller version of the networking meet-up every day when we come in to work; you just never know how’s going to stop by the office. There are also challenges, as with any business. But personally, having others there for support and advice and adding new people to our little community every day is the biggest reward.


PS. Thanks to Tara Hunt for adding me onto this blog! I’m looking forward to continuing the co-working trend with all of you! And visit our website



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