Jelly on NPR!

jellynpr.jpgNPR did a segment on our our casual coworking event Jelly recently during Morning Edition! — Working from Home Turns Social with the Internet (MP3 version)

Several new Jellies are starting up all over. Visit the Jelly Wiki to sign up for Jelly in Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Tel Aviv, DC, and Delhi or to start your own!



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    Congratulations, Amit! There’s some exploratory interest in getting a Jelly going at Green City Gallery in downtown Berkeley (CA) and potential in various cohousing neighborhood common houses. It’s hard to argue with “try before you buy” as an option to help people explore and co-create their coworking worlds.

    sitting across from you as a drop-in at Citizen Space coworking in SF

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    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help get them going! We’ve had good success in NYC getting techies and non-techies (industrial designers, writers, crafters, artists, etc.) to mix and collaborate… I think it’s something that could work anywhere.

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