Cowo, the new coworking network of Italy, lands on major fashion magazine’s cover.

Many good news from the coworking front in Italy.

First of all, after a year of Cowo (that’s the name/logo we adopted for our space@monkeybusiness) we decided to give start to an idea we’d had in mind for some time.

I’m talking about a network project addressed to all the people actually in the position to open up their space to the coworking community. This includes architects, creative agencies, media offices, small companies, real estate agencies… to these people we proposed “to make a little money with that couple of desks lying in the back of your office under a layer of dust”.

And it’s working.

Our project, called Coworking Project, has been published on the Internet for about two months now, and it already led to the opening of 4 more spaces, which is definitely a success for the budget involved (zero euros, plus an awful amount of hours on my side).

That means Cowo spaces are now five, four in Milano and one in Rome, plus one more (it’s already in, but not published on the website yet), in Genoa. So that makes six spaces.

We are really excited about this contribution to the coworking movement, and also enjoy the experiment of creating a community not only between coworkers, but among coworking space owners, too.

Media coverage on this has been impressive, at least for our standards.

No. 1 Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” has included CoworkingProject in a recent magazine article about the 45 anti-crisis ideas (leading our blog visits to an astonishing +600 in one day); Tv news of Lombardy Region has dedicated a two-minute coverage to our project; and last, this week we’ve had the incredible experience of seeing the word “coworking” on the cover of superpopular fashion magazine “D di Repubblica”, printed and distributed nationwide in +700,000 copies. Unbelievable!

A nice, in-depth article of six pages is to be found inside the magazine. (For whoever is interested in reading the article – it’s in Italian, but it does have beautiful, stylish photos – here you can find links and a downloadable pdf.

I enclose the cover and one of the inside pages (where you can see our logo and, well, my face) to prove that… miracles can happen.

[Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we also created a social network for nomad workers on Ning, called NomadWork. Everybody interested in nomadic workstyles is invited to join. People from Italy, France, Switzerland and Usa already have. It’s basically a bilingual place, English-Italian, this way we try to keep the conversation open].





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    All I have to say is: Wow! Congratulations!!! I know it feels GREAT to get that kind of media coverage for something you’ve worked so hard on… Hope to make it back to Italy and cowork with you guys sometime! 🙂

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