Coworking and knowledge spillovers: When does being in close proximity help?

The concept of  coworking isn’t really an original thought. Humans have a gregarious nature, gathering around the dinner table to break the bread and share meals. The same can be said about coworking. People like to work around others, particularly in an environment where the risk of office politics is much lower. A shift in […]

Shared caffeine? Coworking and community building around coffee breaks

Caffeine is a great resource for anybody who needs to wake up in the morning and do work. Personally, I like my coffee strong, black, without cream nor sugar. And more importantly, I like having my coffee surrounded by people. I find that great ideas start to float in my head whenever I am having […]

The importance of mentoring in a coworking space

While many people may think that coworking is merely working on your own projects while sitting around other entrepreneurs and sharing a workspace, there are many additional benefits to coworking. In previous posts I have mused about the importance of sharing library resources, and even having a coffee break and hanging out with other entrepreneurs […]

Camaraderie – New Coworking Space in Toronto

Yeah, independents, freelancers, emerging startups, web developers and others rejoice. You have a coworking option in Toronto again. After Indoor Playground “moved” in January 2008, Toronto has been lacking a general coworking space. (Yes I know about the Centre for Social Innovation, but it has mission-based selection criteria that helps create it’s ecosystem and not everyone […]

Help Pratt Masters student understand coworking!

have put together a short survey to get information from people who co-work and was wondering if you would be able to post this on your blog or have any coworking email groups that I could send it to. I am also open to any suggestions you may have about how to get this out there. I am more than happy to share results.

What does coworking do for me. A video interview from Italy.

After a few months of activity @ cowo milano, I finally managed to do something I’ve been trying to do for a long time: a video interview with a coworker, having him say what it’s like. As I imagined, there’s nothing like the real thing… Davide tells the story in a way that couldn’be done […]

Whitespace grand opening in Seattle!

What better way to kick off a new milestone in political history than to have a party for the grand opening of a new Coworking space in Seattle! Join myself and my colleagues at Blue Flavor on Friday, November 14th as we launch Whitespace, a coworking space for professionals in Seattle who are passionate about […]

Cowork the Vote: Share Your Election-Day Stories

It’s Election Day in these United States, and our more-than-five-dozen coworking spaces know it. Some have helped prepare, hosting and organizing open-source crowdsource election-monitoring tools. Others are hosting results-watching parties, offering incentives to visitors who have voted, or simply opening for business today. Williamsburg Coworking, in a Jelly session at the “Change You Want to […]

Eclau: Opening a Coworking Space in Lausanne, Switzerland

I’m thrilled to announce that we are currently moving into our new coworking space, Eclau, in Lausanne, Switzerland. I’m Stephanie Booth, by the way. Here’s a post (in French) with some photos of today’s work. We have a wiki where I’m trying to get the other members to contribute too ;-). The space will be […]

Coworking in Media PA!

Hello, I am Lisa Thompson. A couple of you know me; I am starting a coworking facility in Media PA.   Currently the stage is set with a location that I am applying for right near the courthouse.   I don’t have it yet, but the landlord is very excited by the project so I expect some […]